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Babies are the best things in the world! They’re very cuddly and  the cute kid  – I just wish they’d just stay as cute as they are and never grow up!

the cute kid

Looking for the cute kid

the cute kid

the cute kid

Personally, I really like toddlers – especially how they funnily strut like ducks just when they have started to walk, and then fall over on their selves. So cute! I also like how they laugh on the simplest things. There is this video on YouTube, which I think you too have seen it, where there is this infant who hysterically (and I do mean hysterically!) laughs at the sights and sounds of tearing paper! I couldn’t help but watch the video over and over again!

I myself have a daughter who is already 10 months old, who is just so cute! She has a very bubbly personality, and has a smile that just really melts my heart. She is just so adorable. This is not motherly love speaking, it’s not only me who says she’s pretty, even my neighbors or random people at the grocery tell me that my daughter is so charming.

She is so cute I wanted to share to the world how cute she really is. But she doesn’t laugh hysterically at tearing papers, nor sing like a character from Glee – so videos are not my options. I want to show the world how pretty my daughter is in a rewarding fashion – I decided to join a photo contest online, and the contest I chose was CuteKid.

CuteKid is the Internet’s largest child photo contest community most trusted by parents like me! It has a vast community where mommies or daddies can post pictures of their lovely angels anytime, every time!

Not only does it provide a safe place to post your baby’s pictures, it also has a vast library of good parenting articles, a forum where daddies and mommies alike can share their thoughts, mingle, and socialize, a parent center, and a model and actor tip resource which we parents can find useful in nurturing our children into camera friendly kids.

The flagship feature of CuteKid is of course, the photo contest! Of all the legitimate baby photo competitions on the Internet, the CuteKid of the Year contest is the most promising and has the biggest prizes at stake for your child!

The CuteKid of the Year winner can win a grand prize of a $25,000 College fund! Not only that, your family gets a trip to Hollywood – plus a press conference where the CuteKid of the Year will be announced, his/her own CuteKid of the Year website, huge national press releases, a canvas portrait of the winning photo, and so much more!

the cute kidCuteKid also gives away up to $5,000 every month for the monthly category winners (Baby, Toddler, Pre-school, Big Kid, Pre-Teen, and Multiples), and for the CuteKid of the Month! The CuteKid of the Month is determined via online votes.

Joining the contest is as simple as three easy steps:

1. Join the CuteKid

Registration is such a breeze! You will only need to fill up one form (one form!) for some personal information that will not be disclosed to the public, and you are good to go!
2. Upload a Photo
After registration, you can now upload pictures of your lovely child!

3. Enter the contest!

You can now enter the Cute Kid of the Year contest! Your entry is also automatically viable for the CuteKid of the Month award!

The contest is not judged by just amateur people – the board of judges are composed of highly skilled and meticulously-eyed talent agents and top people in the entertainment and baby industry. Baby photos are judged according to the following criteria:

- Appearance



-Image concept/setting

-That special something

Joining the CuteKid photo contest will cost you $20. A very small amount to pay for your child’s road to fame. Keep in mind, that by submitting a photo to CuteKid, your pictures are guaranteed to be seen by talent agents and casting directors! (Joining the CuteKid VIP club can make your child even more visible!)

My little princess has a long way to go until she reaches the top – but at least we’re on the road getting there! Be on the road for your child’s stardom at CuteKids!

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